San Francisco, CA
Presidio Log Cabin
Fall 1972/Spring 1973 -- 40-Year Reunion
Sat, October 12, 2013 7:00PM to 11:00PM (Pacific)
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Fall 1972 & Spring 1973 Reunion -- the Big 4-0

This will NOT be your father's reunion
(unless he was a badass)

The Lowell Classes of Fall ’72 & Spring ’73 are taking full advantage of Fleet Week and some killer Presidio scenery to convene a loose, interactive, joyous, nostalgic evening of celebration!
The famous Presidio “Log Cabin”
(featuring reserved free parking & classic views)
1299 Storey Ave, San Francisco
Saturday, October 12, 2013
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Eat, Drink (no host bar), Dance (DJ) and More!
Plenty of surprises!
Face it: we’re in our mid-50s and this is our 40th high school anniversary.  Do you really want to miss this?  By the time our 50th rolls around, we’ll be in our 60s, or worse!  And does it really matter how you self-identified or primarily hung out during the Lowell years?  It’s time for everyone -- the library gang, chess club, rifle club, pit-stoners, drama types (actor or techie), drill squad, super jocks, semi jocks, AP/Honors dweebs, Myriad poets, SFWWTC geeks, golfers, cheerleaders, swimmers, journalists, yearbookers, futbolistas, and intellectuals (who were above it all, of course) to come together.

You can buy tickets now for just $125 per person (no tickets available at the door), so please don't wait -- sign up today!  And be sure to encourage your friends to join us.

NOTE:  If you opt to pay by check, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with detailed instructions on where to mail your check after you complete your online registration.


And don't forget to join our facebook group -- find us at:

Let’s make this one a memorable and unique reunion.

Without you, it will sorta suck, don’t you think?
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Terence Abad '76
Michael Aczon
Katie Allende Finlay
Dennis Andaya
Linda Arcellano Shaw
Angela Arcia
Helen Arias
Charlene Attard
Marla Bach Saltzstine
Jim Baer
Jim Baer
Dennis Barfield
Barbara Barrow Muse
Annette Bayard
Van Beall
George Beckam
Joan Benjamin Brown
Carol Bertelsen
Michael J. Bishop
Bill Black
Rich Blaisdell
Noel Blake
Dave Bon
Tom Borden
Sharen Braae Iraci
Laura Brandi Sorich
Barry Brann
Eileen Braunreiter
Willa Brooks
David Brown
Mark Budak
Melinda Burford Holland
Virginia Cacal
Bruce Cardinal
Dorothe Carruthers Patterson
Catherine Cassens Dunn
Buffy Cereske
Dalia Challis
Graham Challis
Denise Chavez Leddon
Joan Chen Fong
Nancy Chiang Koo
Rodney Chin
Donna Chin
Marlene Christie
Stephen Christie
Louis Chu
Kurt Chun
Suzanne Clement Vorlicek
Travis Compton
Amy Coombs (Masters)
Pally Cottonham
Jesse Cottonham
Eugene Dawydiak
Denise Der
Gracie DiGrande
Sal DiGrande
Mark Dickinson
Marjorie Dolliver Zantek
M. Kaydee Donovan-Rushing
Bill Dougherty
George Duesdieker
Melinda Mae Dumpit - Pacheco
Michael Dunn
Mike Dyck
John Ehrlich
Christine Ewald Hansson
Denise Fahey-Westermark
Bruce Feder
Cathy Feder Janigian
Mariette Fillman Siczewicz
Amy Fink
David Fong
Priscilla Fong
Ronnie Fong
Kevin Fong
Kathleen Fong
Ginny Fraire-Fong
Susan Frankenstein Dean
Brad Friedman
Gail Gabiati
Mark Gamble
Ruth Garcia Merino
Garwood Gee
Barbara Gee
Barbara Gold
Terry Goss Hanford
Dinu Gray
Emil Guillermo
Bess Gurman
Kelvin Hall
Tim Hanford
Susan Hannum Mellers
Hans Hansson
Leslee Herzstein
Pauline Ho
Judy Hoff
Jonathan Hoff
Ron Hoffman
Mary Hom
Paul Hyde
Robina Ingram-Rich
Tony Iraci
Karen Jakobovits
Richard Janigian
Angela Jee
Mark Jee
Paul Jensen
Linnard Johnson
Mary Johnson
Kim Johnson
Holly Johnson Friar
Debra Jones
Walter Jones
Ray Ju
Leslie Jung (maiden name)
Ian Kaiser
Nadine Kalinin Ondera
Mike Kalvig
Susan Kaplan Simon
Charlotte Kim
Sanford Kingsley
Paul Ko
John Koo
Lili Kopas
Tom Kopas
George Kuo
Sharon Lapin
Laurie Larson Compton
Walter Laughridge
Margie Lee
Herbert Lee
Miranda Lee Wong
Grace Lee Gin
Maggie Lee Ko
Laurie Leon
Michael Leon
Gayla Leung
Mark Levy
Sally Lew
Wayne Lew
Wanda Lewis
David Lieu
Julie Lim Chun
Peter Ling
Jose Llanes
Julia Llanes
Michelle Long
Bunny Low Weiss
Vanessa Lum Hahn
Keith Lurie
Yvonne Mann
Frank Mazza
Kevin McCauley
Kevin Mcwilliams
Dianne Me coins
Vince Medina
Myrna Menjivar-Gray
Peter Miller
Eileen Misthos
Deborah Mitchell
Aiko Morioka
Mark Mosheim
Marion Mosheim Horwitz
Adrienne Muscat Swedlove
Lenore Naxon Black
Glenn Ng
John Ng
Tina Noga (Powers)
Greg Ondera
Steven Oto
Stephanie Padua
Wendy Page
John Paloglou
Joan Passanisi
Tom Passanisi
Titina Paxinos
Theodore Paxinos
Pamela Penas-Robinson
Mike Penn
Gisele Pohan
Dena Positeri
Toby Rappolt
Paul Reinhardt
Teresita Reyes
Sue Rivera
Elizabeth Romo
Kathy Ross Thomas
Diane Rovai
Ken Saltzstine
Ana Sanchez Pierini
Scott Santiago
Joyce Sarkisian
Janet Savelli Bonilla
Janet Savelli Bonilla
Marcia Schnapp
Kathi Schneider
Susan Schnell - Santiago
Janet Searing Hamill
Cheryl Seeley
Mark Simeon
Perry Simon
Scott Sohle
Beverly Sommer Feder
Joel Sorich
Leila Sorrell Van Gelder
Iran Spradley
Jill Stephens
Gary Stephens
Marianne Stewart Wilson
Marijana Stipanov Wallace
Alexa Suslow
Lamont Suslow
Sheldon Swedlove
Faye Talkov Ghielmetti
Yoko Tashiro Olsgaard
Themis Tjovenos
Herbert Toy
John Trasvina
Nicky Trasvina
Laura Trent McCauley
Joann Uhley Babiak
Annette Vernon
Paul Wescott
Joel Wiener
Carl Wildenradt
Andrew S Williams
Rob Wilson
Thomas Wong
Channing Wong
Kathy Wong
Eugene Wong
Winnie Wong
Vivian Wong
Gail Wong
Jolene Wong Huey
Doris Woo
Celeste Woo
Richard Woo
Darryl Woo
Dayna Word Cullins
Rita Yee
Maggie Yee
Sharon Yee Ng
Cherlyn Yee Oto
Kenneth Young
Quincy Yu
Miriam Zambrano
Anne Zelinsky
David Zouzounis
Marsha Zucker Cranston
peter harris
maria josue
alicja lopata
mark shelub
mark wachter