Lowell Alumni Association

The Lowell Alumni Association maintains and enhances relationships that serve and support our alumni, students, school and the Lowell community.


Our 2016-17 Annual Fund Campaign -- "Supporting Every Student" -- has the goal of supporting these major initiatives:

  • College Advising -- Enhanced college advising and counseling services to assist the 99% of Lowell students headed to college.  Our top priority is to leverage alumni donations to help fund a full-time dedicated college counselor at Lowell.
  • Wellness -- Expanded direct counseling services to students as well as professional development to better equip Lowell faculty to identify and address mental health and wellness issues.
  • Access & Opportunity -- With 42% of Lowell students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch, we want to make sure that lack of money is never a barrier to students who want to benefit from academic and or extracurricular opportunities that fit their talents and ambitions.  Whether it's helping students with financial need pay for Advanced Placement exams or travel with the school choir, we want to help every student fully benefit from the Lowell experience.  

Donations to the Lowell Alumni Association also support our grants program that provides $75,000 for a wide range of academic and extracurricular projects as well as classroom technology upgrades.  The Lowell Alumni Association also promotes connections among our alumni through our semi-annual newsletter, regular class reunions and special all-alumni events. 


Donations to the Lowell Alumni Association are tax-deductible.

Our federal tax identification number is 94-6125408.

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